Interview with Dietrich Büssselberg (Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Local and Global Health Science)

The Journal of Local and Global Health Science (JLGHS) is a peer-reviewed, international journal that publishes research on all aspects of both basic and applied research related to global health practiced in specific local environments, as well as the implications of local health issues in a global context.

We met with Dietrich Büssselberg*, one of the editors-in-chief of JLGHS, and asked him about the journal and why he supports the open access publishing model.

The journal which can be found on the platform, has published articles on various global health issues such as breast cancer and arsenic poisoning to papers on the effect of air pollution on daily morbidity in Pakistan and lead (Pb) exposure to the use of Kohl and surma eye cosmetics. More recently, the journal published a review article about the pre- and post-synaptic effects of lead. Instead of using static images to describe molecular mechanisms at neurons, the article uses animated illustrations. This article serves as an example of how aims to innovate the way we read academic papers.

*Dietrich Büssselberg is Professor of Physiology and Biophysics at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar


Alwaleed Alkhaja, 12/05/2013